OMNIPURE™ Series 55/64

OMNIPURE 55OMNIPURE™ Series 55/64 systems are the only marine sewage treatment system that oxidizes sewage through an electrolytic process as well as generates sodium hypochlorite for the disinfection of the sewage streams. OMNIPURE Series 55/64 marine sewage treatment systems offer effective electrolytic treatment of both black and gray water while providing a safe and sanitary method of handling solids. OMNIPURE Series 55/64 systems range in treatment capacities up to 65 m3/day (17,000 gallons/day) and individual units that can be combined for increased capacity.

The OMNIPURE Series 55/64 systems incorporate an advanced electrolytic processes that imposes certain physical and chemical changes to the wastewater stream as it passes through the treatment system resulting in the wastewater effluent quality well below the MEPC.227(64) requirements. The OMNIPURE Series 55/64 systems have received Bureau Veritas certification per IMO Resolution MEPC.227(64) and USCG Certificate of Approval to MEPC.227(64).

OMNIPURE Series 55/64 units are specifically manufactured for offshore oil and gas installations requiring permanent or long-term operation for the treatment of marine sewage. The rugged design of the OMNIPURE Series 55/64 units is well suited for the rigors of these markets. Minimal maintenance, sanitary solids handling, and light weight package design, makes the OMNIPURE Series 55/64 a long-term solution for wastewater treatment.

OMNIPURE Series 55/64 System Advantages
  • Easy to install, operate and service
  • Lightweight package
  • Minimal maintenance
  • No additional tanks or filtration equipment required
  • Operates on-demand, instantaneous on-off operation
  • Operator-safe solids handling system
  • Small equipment footprint